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Outdoor Accent Lighting Benefits

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Contemporary outdoor lighting systems are a smart investment. Professionally installed and maintained outdoor lighting systems will increase the value and resale of residential and commercial properties while simultaneously making it the showcase of the area. Properly installed low voltage lighting casts a beautiful glow while remaining extremely economical and safe to operate especially when compared to their line voltage system counterparts. Architectural lighting systems are both practical and elegant. Homeowners can enjoy more hours outside in the comfort of their own homes while creating an elegant atmosphere for entertaining.

Landscape LightingBenefits of Outdoor Accent Lighting

Many people marvel at how beautiful homes look during the holiday season with strings of lights hung everywhere. Yet few of them take the time to create a similarly pleasing effect year round with outdoor accent lighting. Landscape accent lighting will increase the pleasure you and your guests take from your home, while also improving the safety and security of your residence.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes that eye needs to be guided. Accent lighting is a way to draw attention to and emphasize the interesting landscape or architectural features of your home. This can be done through a wide array of methods all of which provide three primary benefits:


Outdoor accent lights are full of theatrical gestures. They can soften, dramatize, highlight, reveal, and even conceal. Well placed accent lighting can create fascinating silhouettes and shadows using trees and other natural features. Antique post lanterns create ambiance, while garden lights lend nature’s own colors to the evening.

Safety and security

Many different types of outdoor accent lighting can also deter intruders and make walkways safer. Path lights and step lights are both charming and unobtrusive. Post and bollard lights or pagoda lights stylishly illuminate a driveway. The addition of a flood light and motion sensor to an existing landscape lighting system would help prevent accidents.

Better home usage

Having a yard is one of the greatest advantages of owning a home. Outdoor accent lighting by decks, patios, and swimming pools prolongs the hours you spend enjoying your yard. You could even add features such as a gazebo or garden bridge, or a porch swing for summer nights. Accent lights increase the decorative possibilities of your landscape.

In addition to their beauty, the allure and the practical benefits of outdoor lighting systems offer increased lighting for safety and security. A growing trend to view landscape lighting systems as the cure for any building or area of darkness, has lead to the lighting industry’s rapid growth.

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